Super Zero

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The Powerful Privacy Protecting Platform 
for Decentralized Applications

The Total Solution for Blockchain with Privacy Protection,
 Part of MATTER Privacy Suite 3 in 1

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What is SERO?

SERO (Super Zero) is truly privacy protecting platform using Zero-knowledge Proofs. SERO is not only the world's first privacy-protecting cryptocurrency supporting smart contract, also the world's first platform permits developers to issue privacy-protecting cryptocurrencies that support smart contract and use them in the DApps.

Zero—Knowledge Proof

Improved Zero-Knowledge Proofs SERO improved Zero-Knowledge Proofs and build the world's fastest Zero-Knowledge Proofs encryption library called "Super-ZK" which is more than 20x faster than "zk-SNARKs" Zcash used. Click here to check our Video to prove.

Advanced Security for Cryptocurrency

Added privacy protection to the entire transaction sequence of cryptocurrency on blockchain. Account information and transaction amount are no longer transparent to the entire network; aligning user privacy needs with actual consumer scenario.

Turing's Complete Privacy Smart Contract

Through zero-knowledge proof and homomorphic encryption protocols, the smart contract on the blockchain supports different modes of Turing's complete operation model. DApp developers can freely choose to issue assets with or without privacy protection attributes; the disclosure or protection of calculation details.


Based on SERO security privacy scheme
 public chain, SERO CHAIN is a stable, reliable and secure public chain system to achieve the privacy security and protection of the entire decentralized network contract operations and transaction data.

Our Team

Our team members consist of world's leading blockchain technical experts, including leading researchers of NIZK, senior R&D directors of famous Internet companies and R&D experts on various related technologies of blockchain


Co-founder and Marketing Director

American Chinese, graduated from Boston Wesleyan Women's College Computer Department, ex-Technical expert at Avaya, She then continued on to start-ups and social media companies, Co-sponsor of GLAB blockchain Greeks Club


Co-founder and CEO

Ex-Big Data search engine developer in Lycos, ex- Cofounder of, a serial entrepreneur, Mentor of SOSV accelerator in Silicon Valley, ex-Vice president of Pegasus Investment Group, years of experience in the venture capital industry, Co-sponsor of GLAB blockchain Greeks Club.

Jason Pope

Co-founder and COO

Ex-CTO of a prominent online mapping company DingDingMap, Ex-CTO & Co-founder of an automotive e-commerce corporation and financial VP and CTO of a public traded organization, a senior contributor at GLAB blockchain Greeks Club.


Co-founder and CTO

Ex-CTO of an acclaimed online travel company, ex-Chief Architect of a prominent media streaming company, ex-CTO of an online B2B organization with over 10 billion in sales, a senior contributor at GLAB blockchain Greeks Club.


Co-founder and Chief Architect

Core Developer of FlashGet(Famous P2P download tool) and 3721 (Chinese domain search engine), ex-Senior developer of Yahoo Inc., ex- Technical Expert of a prominent media streaming company, ex-Chief Architect of, ex-Chief Architect of, ex-CTO & Managing director of online business division in a listed company Wanda, a senior contributor at GLAB blockchain Greeks Club.

Aakash Verma

Operation Director 

Have rich experience in operations of crypto projects, ex-community manager of many major crypto projects such as CoinBundle, and so on, handling different aspects of their operations. Be interactive with community fans and good at doing promotions and PR.


Suyang Zhang

Management Advisor

IDG's first honorary partner, the first batch of venture capitalists in China, Listed as Forbes " China's best venture capitalist" and " world's best venture capitalist" for several years

Alexandr Chevtaev

Strategic business Advisor

Alexandr Chevtaev holds MBA from IE Business School.He is a serial tech entrepreneur, speaker, Co-Founder of mmviii Digital Assets group and ICO/STO advisor. He is an expert in Internet business, blockchain, innovative products and business development.

Michael Kapilkov

Strategic business Advisor

Michael Kapilkov holds MBA from IE Business School. He has worked in finance and consulting, and served as an advisor to several blockchain startups. Currently, he serves as the managing director at mmviii Digital Assets Group.

SERO Updates

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Cooperation is negotiating with SERO and Matter which is a big blockchain community

SERO will be the world's first Privacy Crypto-currency Technology Ecosystem, joining the world's largest blockchain eco-aggregation community (MATTER), the two organizations confirmed the integration schedule, SERO will be officially using the MATTER LINK protocol to access MATTER STORE in June 2019

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SERO - First global launch will come soon

Aug 23th,we have finished a typical testing of simulations for real environment . We plan to publish test net at Sep 25th.SERO (Super Zero) is the world's first truly privacy protected platform using the mechanisms of Zero-knowledge Proofs.

LD Capital annouced to be 1st Corner investor for SERO

LD Capital has become the first corner investment institute for SERO. SERO (Super Zero) is the world's first truly privacy protected platform using the mechanisms of Zero-knowledge Proofs.