Risks and Disclaimer


SERO is an open-source and permission-less public blockchain network. A typical software based on SERO network is usually composed of two parts: the smart contract code which takes up network resources, and the client program code which interacts with the smart contract.

Once the smart contract code is generated and uploaded to the SERO network, it occupies a fixed network address. The smart contract code under this address cannot be changed, which is determined by the distributed consensus of blockchain. However, the distributed mechanism of smart contract does not guarantee that the business logic expressed by the code is decentralized. The smart contract code CAN authorize a private key owner or a group of private key owners

Usually, the part of the client front-end program of a DAPP that interacts with the smart contract needs to specify the network address of the that particular smart contract. A possible risk of the front-end code is "phishing", namely, it does not interact with the real smart contract designated by DAPP on the network, but with another one to achieve the purpose different from the published ecological rules. The only way to identify the existence of such a "phishing" is to check the code of the client front-end program. However, depending on the operating system running the client program, the cl

For users of the DAPPs based on SERO public blockchain network, we strongly recommend that they conduct a full background investigation on the developers of the applications, and fully understand the attributes and risks of the ecological rules, as well as the "backdoor" and "phishing" risks caused by the software code management, on the basis of establishing solid mechanism of trust and accountability.

The Foundation and its affiliated parties strongly oppose any illegitimate and illegal activities by using the SERO Network technology, and strongly recommend that any user who uses the applications published on the SERO Network seriously identify the legitimacy, compliance, and security matters of the contents carried by these applications.


The SERO foundation, on behalf of all its affiliates (hereinafter referred to as "we"), hereby declares that:

1. We have neither obligation nor responsibility to prevent malicious application developers from stealing our identity or brand to deceive and mislead their prospective users.

2. Any application whose installation link not directed by the SERO Wallet or the official website of SERO, is not the application that we know of, no matter how claimed by the developer; the users and developers shall be responsible for the consequences caused by the installation and using of such application.

3. Even when an application whose installation link is directed by the SEOR Wallet or the official website of SERO, it does not mean that we are responsible for the application content, nor that we have the qualification and/or obligation to audit or verify the smart contract code of the application and the related customer front-end program.

4. Before users enters the application installation link from the SERO Wallet or the official website of SERO, they must read the risk alerts in this article and agree to exempt us; users and developers are responsible for the consequences caused by the installation and the using of such applications.