Cooperation is negotiating with SERO and Matter which is a big blockchain community

by bob KingAug 27th, 2018

SERO will be the world's first Privacy Protected Crypto-currency Technology
Ecosystem to join the world's largest block chain eco-aggregation community
(MATTER). The two organizations have confirmed the integration schedule, SERO
will officially use the MATTER LINK protocol to access MATTER STORE in June
2019, and becomes a member of the MATTER Privacy Trident. All MATTER Eco-DAPP  will be able to distribute and circulate Tokens with security and privacy features through component invocation, and also implement the homomorphic encryption of smart contracts.

MATTER is a comprehensive decentralized self-governing block chain ecological aggregation community; each component in the block chain ecology can find its own position. MATTER provides a market for the full circulation of individual's outputs. For developers, MATTER-CHAIN is an open entrance to the technical ecology of block chains. 

composes of a main chain with advanced consensus mechanism, and sub-chains
based on the main chaincan bedifferent forms. We named it a "Homomorphic Heterogeneous Consensus Consortium". In the same
network, developers candevelop and run their decentralized applications (DAPP)
based on any one of the sub-chains. The developers are able to freely switch
and run applications on other sub-chains.The platform is compatible with the
operation of multiple sub-chains at the same time, thus retaining users belonging
to different sub-chains ecology. 

DAPP joins users’ lifestyles and the
corresponding financial activities with block chain. Block chain is not a
closed ecology; it connects users’lives with DAPP and builds a trust network
between machine and users, forms an autonomous market economic environment.
MATTER can simplify the development of DAPP and evolve with the progression of
bottom chain, thus, maximizes its value. Developers can focus solely on
business logic, allowing DAPP to connect with users' daily lives. Our team believes
the block chain is an autonomous economic network capable of achieving enormous
advancement. The continuous integration of existing and future block chains in
the ecology by MATTER will result in clearer development work. DAPPs can truly integrate
into the lives of global users by providing more rationally evolve rules of
economic operation, and improving the efficiency and rationality of global
economic operation; this will be the real block chain era.

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