Important Notification of Airdrop Activities by SERO BetaNet-RC Mining Partners

bySEROJanuary 07, 2019

Dear SERO Community Partners:

The BetaNet-Release version of SERO is undergoing final debugging process before it goes online. The SERO team will release this major update from January 7th to January 8th, 2019 (Beijing time).

According to the promise made by SERO team before, everyone used the corresponding client and wallet to mine on the BetaNet-Release version, the SERO coins mined will be mapped 1:1 to SERO's MainNet.

In addition, due to the enthusiasm of mining partners in BetaNet-RC version testing, everyone contributed a lot to the development of SERO. To thank the community, the SERO team now decided to airdrop some SERO coins mined from BetaNet-RC by each partners into the BetaNet-Release accounts.

The community mining partners can participate in the airdrop of the BetaNet-Release version of SERO coins according to following steps.

1. Apply for BetaNet-Release Mining license

Please send a BetaNet-Release mining application email to to apply for a SERO BetaNet-Release mining license. Please refer to for the mining application email format. After the application is successful, the SERO team will send a mining license for BetaNet-Release. Before 23:59 on January 9, 2019 (Beijing time), priority will be given to processing applications from old users and processing applications from new users will be postponed.

2. Send a Video to Prove the Amount of Mining on BetaNet-RC version

After applying for the Beta-Release version of the mining license, as of 23:59, January 9th, 2018 (Beijing time), the partners participating in the BetaNet-RC mining should shoot the information of the BetaNet-RC version of the wallet as a video (the video should clearly show the SERO amount and account address from the main interface and the account details interface with SERO coins), and then send this video to

3. Airdrop SERO Coins to BetaNet-Release Account (Capped at 50000)

After verification, the SERO team will send the corresponding SERO coins to the user's BetaNet-Release account within one week. SERO coins with less than 50000 in the BetaNet-RC account will be airdropped at 1:1, and those with more than 50000 will be airdropped at the ceiling of 50000.

Thank you for your support! The SERO team will continue to work hard to build a healthy, sustainable community ecosystem.