BETANET-R1 Release Announce

bySEROJanuary 07, 2019

Important Statement

This is the first release and deployment of the BetaNet-Release network, including the following products.

  • Full node service (gero)
  • Wallet Client
  • Block explorer

About BetaNet-Release NetWork

  • This network will no longer clear the ledger data, and the problem involving fork will ask the community for opinions.
  • Mining permission still use the license application process.
  • The SERO coins of BetaNet-Release netWork will map 1:1 to the MainNet network.

Status of the BetaNet-RC network

  • BetaNet-RC network will be deprecated after BetaNet-Release network is released
  • Users participating in BetaNet-RC network mining can get airdrops on the BetaNet-Release network.
  • The SERO team will give priority to assisting BetaNet-RC network users to change the environment.

Release Name


Release Version


New Features

  • [x] Generate anonymous Package asset
  • [x] Support for sealed bids and privacy OTC Dapp development
  • [x] Adjust the key system to provide more secure account address mechanism
  • [x] Adjust account structure to support the subsequent development of light wallet and mobile wallet
  • [x] Block synchronization speed optimization
  • [x] Smart contract payment gas function
  • [x] Adjust block bonus

Commitment ID

go-sero 018bcf227dbb3b8620f5e201b7f2f237e99c504e
go-czero-import ff9301ce1e5b8c927f517444d0a1a9e43438b2cf
console 5d881df460975f99be55b18cabeb88f1ce3d046d
wallet 8a6b2035dcf001d2eaf928239f5d3d64d0e832e0

Release Packages

The download address of binay packages:

gero-v0.4.0-beta.r1-darwin-amd64.tar.gz for macos
gero-v0.4.0-beta.r1-linux-amd64-v3.tar.gz for centos & ubuntu
gero-v0.4.0-beta.r1-linux-amd64-v4.tar.gz for fedora for windows

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