SERO Project Report[Jan-Feb 2019]

Release version

  • BetaNet-R1 (2019–01–08)
  • BetaNet-R2 (2019–01–13)
  • BetaNet-R2-HOTFIX.2 (2019–01–19)
  • ...
Release version summary and features
  • BetaNet Release launched
  • Anonymous Package Asset Features
  • Smart contract pays gas fee function
  • SIP1: Miner Reward Program and Guild Program
  • Wallet related experience optimization
  • ...

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Notification of Prevent fraudulent Emails

Due to the rapid development of the global consensus of SERO, have recently attracted some illegal scammers.

Scammers steal user accounts and passwords through fraudulent emails, please be careful not to be fooled!


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BETANET-R5-HOTFIX.2 Release Announce

  • [x] Improving node stability

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BETANET-R5-HOTFIX.1 Release Announce

  • [x] Improving node stability

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SERO Miners' Guilds Award System

  1. Set up a miners' guild: send the guild organizer's public key address + guild name to the mailbox: to apply for the establishment of a guild.

  2. Minimum guild qualification to participate in the ranking: at least 5 valid members are included, that is, the license of each member shall mine at least one block the day before the official ranking.

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BETANET-R5 Release Announce

  • [x] SIP1 bonus plan
  • [x] reduce the space occupancy of hard disk
  • [x] fix the bugs of community feedback
  • [x] wallet experience optimization

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BETANET-R2-HOTFIX.2 Release Announce

  • [x] Performance optimization of multicore processor
  • [x] Fix the bugs of community feedback
  • [x] Wallet experience optimization

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BETANET-R2 Release Announce

  • [x] Block verify optimizing
  • [x] Tx pool strategy optimizing
  • [x] Anchor point selection strategy optimizing
  • [x] Resolving the problem of CPU consumption in block synchronization

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BETANET-R1 Release Announce

Important Statement
This is the first release and deployment of the BetaNet-Release network, including the following products.

Full node service (gero)
Wallet Client
Block explorer

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Important Notification of Airdrop Activities by SERO BetaNet-RC Mining Partners

The BetaNet-Release version of SERO is undergoing final debugging process before it goes online. The SERO team will release this major update from January 7th to January 8th, 2019 (Beijing time).

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The SERO's BetaNet-release version will be released before 24:00 on January 7, 2019

The SERO's BetaNet-release version was originally scheduled to be released at 24:00 on December 31, 2018. Considering the impact of the Christmas and New Year holidays, and the team wants to do more tests of this important version, the vesion will be officially released before 24:00 on January 7, 2019.

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SERO Token Metrics

Total number of tokens: 1 billion
Pre-sale: 25% — For investment institutes, ibO/ICO investors;
Block Rewards: 25% — Vesting Period: 10 years with details to be decided;

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SERO Wallet (v0.0.1-beta.rc.3) Released on November 27th, 2018

Source code on Github:

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SERO (v0.3.0-beta.1) BetaNet Released on 20th November, 2018

BetaNet Block Explorer:
Source code on Github:
Smart Contract IDE:

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SERO will start the early bird ibO token exchange at 10:00AM on November 13, 2018 Singapore time

The fans of the SERO community are constantly asking - hope to hold the SERO Token at a lower price before the listing! The long-term development of SERO Ecosystem is supported by community fans. In order to meet the needs of community fans, the SERO team has negotiated with SERO's early investment institutions, and the investment institutions agreed to take out some tokens for this early bird round ibO, to reward community fans! SERO fans can participate in the early bird round ibO exchange, the sooner attending the cheaper unit price, the latter attending the more expensive unit price.

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[SERO: The world's first Zero-Knowledge Proof based privacy protection for Decentralised applications which supports Turing's complete smart contract distributed infrastructure]
SERO's technical team went through the programming development around the clock, and officially launched the Testnet on September 30, 2018. Today, we can't wait to share another good news with you. SERO will soon be listed on DIGIFINEX (one of the top 10 exchanges globally) in mid-November. Also, the team is in talks with 5 more exchanges where we plan to list soon.
Wanna know more? Join SERO Telegram:

SERO Project Report[September 2018]

After 4 intensive developing months, the SERO technical team released the test network on September 30, 2018. The code will gradually open on GitHub. In the bear market, the team strives to lead the transformation of the blockchain industry with continual actions and real results.

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SERO releases the test network for the world’s first Zero-knowledge proof-based privacy protection public chain

On September 30, 2018, the SERO team is pleased to announce the completion of the first phase of SERO public chain system and the launch of the test network.

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National Day Holiday Photography Contest
1st~7th October,2018

SERO is about to launch and blockchain Privacy is about to get upgraded to a whole new level!
In honour of National Day, SERO brings you it's first competition, "National Day Holiday Photography Contest" #SERO #China National Day#

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Cooperation is negotiating with SERO and Matter which is a big blockchain community

SERO will be the world's first Privacy Crypto-currency Technology Ecosystem, joining the world's largest blockchain eco-aggregation community (MATTER), the two organizations confirmed the integration schedule, SERO will be officially using the MATTER LINK protocol to access MATTER STORE in June 2019, become a member of the MATTER Privacy Trident, by then, all MATTER Eco-DAPP can distribute and circulate Token with security and privacy features through component invocation, and implement homomorphic encryption of smart contracts.

A generic square placeholder image with rounded corners in a figure.
MATTER is a completely decentralized self-governing blockchain ecological aggregation community in which each role in the blockchain ecology can find its own position. The value of MATTER to each individual's output provides a market for its full circulation. For developers, MATTER-CHAIN is an open entrance to the technology ecology of blockchains. It is composed of a main chain using the most advanced consensus mechanism, and sub-chains based on it that can be of different forms. We named it a "Homomorphic Heterogeneous Consensus Consortium". In the same network, developers can not only develop and run their distributed applications (DAPP) based on any one of the sub-chains, but also freely switch applications to other sub-chains to run, and even compatible with the operation of multiple sub-chains at the same time, thus obtaining users who originally belong to different sub-chains ecology.
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LD Capital annouced investment institute for SERO

LD Capital has become the first corner investment institute for SERO. SERO (Super Zero) is the world's first truly privacy protected platform using the mechanisms of Zero-knowledge Proofs.

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LD Capital

LD Capital is one of Asia's earliest organizations focusing on value investing in blockchain field.
SERO is also the world's first public chain that permits DApp developers to create privacy-protecting cryptocurrencies that support smart contract and use the privacy-protecting currencies in the DApps.

TheThe strong, capable international team for SERO has completed the development stage. The launch of test net and the release of open source are set for September 30, 2018.

SERO First Published to the World

SERO will be officially using the MATTER LINK protocol to access MATTER STORE in June 2019, become a member of the MATTER Privacy Trident, by then, all MATTER Eco-DAPP can distribute and circulate Token with security and privacy features through component invocation, and implement homomorphic encryption of smart contracts.We plan to publish the test net at Sep 25th.

An Introduction to this Privacy Protocol & zk-SNARKs

Robert Devoe on January 17, 2018 

In the blockchain world, privacy is becoming increasingly more important. When someone tells you that bitcoin is anonymous, this is an inherently false claim. This is because blockchains are by their very nature fully open and transparent. So while each individual bitcoin address is not linked to any one person in a registry, all transactions can be tracked, mapped, and followed. This is known as blockchain analysis, and it has been used to great effect by various government and law enforcement agencies.                                
While there are steps that a bitcoin user can take to increase their privacy, it requires great effort and many intentional actions. Being private on bitcoin is not the default. The same can be said for most all popular cryptocurrencies today, like Ethereum and Litecoin, among others.

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