BETANET-R2 Release Announce

bySEROJanuary 14, 2019

Release Name


Release Version


New Features

  • [x] Block verify optimizing
  • [x] Tx pool strategy optimizing
  • [x] Anchor point selection strategy optimizing
  • [x] Resolving the problem of CPU consumption in block synchronization

Commitment ID

go-sero 9bbd0a331de75986b5e5bb931de67ccafc1b8d35
go-czero-import 7ef355ad2eca83fc93d1ef4fb4f089bada847eb9
console 20bf83d84485793a3e34fa832f365740ae36f994
wallet 9ec11ce60eba476dfeaf965fbd22abf0d25a59a3

Release Packages

The download address of binay packages:

gero-v0.4.1-beta.r2-darwin-amd64.tar.gz for macos
gero-v0.4.1-beta.r2-linux-amd64-v3.tar.gz for centos & ubuntu
gero-v0.4.1-beta.r2-linux-amd64-v4.tar.gz for fedora
gero-v0.4.1-beta.r2-windows-amd64.tar.gz for windows

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