Development Update

On 20th November, SERO (v0.3.0-beta.1) BetaNet network deployed!

ZK-SNARKS Algorithm Improvement

Engineering of the enhancements are based on the contents of Ben-Sassoon, Eli and other cryptographers’ publication issued in 2014 - ‘Succinct Non-Interactive Zero Knowledge for a von Neumann Architecture’. The algorithm further optimized the encryption process to be applicable
in the setting of blockchain data infrastructure for the distributed network.

Encryption Process Optimization

Targeting to the encryption performance issues of Zcash - the transaction often takes 1 to 2 minutes to complete. SERO CHAIN ​​redefines the entire encryption process to reduce transaction time. The resulting performance is over ten times faster than Zcash.

Data Block Encryption Process

SERO CHAIN ​​rebuilt the storage structure of Ethereum; the structure is based on the method of the combination of historical and conditional states. The design aims achieve the privacy and security features of the Token circulating on SERO CHAIN. The resulting design offers a greater expansion capabilities for the entire structure. The complete data block encryption process is clear and concise. Off-chain storage structure is also added.

Turing's complete Privacy Smart Contract

Through zero-knowledge proof and homomorphic encryption protocols, the smart contract on the blockchain supports different modes of Turing's complete operation mode. DApp developers can freely choose to issue assets with or without privacy protection attributes and the publication or the privacy of calculation details. Assets include tokens and tickets that store complex data structures. The privacy-protected assets, using Turing's complete online smart contracts, DApp can implement issuing privacy-protected tokens for different scenarios such as sealed bid auctions.

Smart Contract Involving Multiple Tokens

SERO CHAIN ​​can use smart contracts for the issuance and trading of anonymous digital assets and also supports the exchange of multiple differentiated digital assets issued in SERO CHAIN ​​in the same smart contract. SERO CHAIN's smart contracts are able to achieve the realization of decentralized trading of different digital assets.

Support of Selective Audit Privacy

For complex business applications, users may need a trusted third-party to conduct financial audits of transactions. Users of the SERO’s ecology are able to make their choices and decide whether to give third parties the permission to track specific information of the relevant transaction data to facilitate the audit.