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SERO team is the most solid and technically intensive team I have ever seen. I hope that SERO will show the world's top technical strength and research and development results to everyone, and truly contribute to the privacy protection in the blockchain industry and internet through SERO.
SuYang Zhang ——Ex-IDG Senior Partner, SERO Advisor

The healthy development of the blockchain industry must require blockchain technology to truly empower other industries, and privacy protection is the most serious problem that must be solved. From this perspective, SERO should be an important milestone in blockchain industry.
Li hua Yi——Managing Director of LD Capital, SERO Investor

Privacy protection may indeed become the standard for all public chains in the future. Currently SERO is leading the world, and we will work together with SERO to bring value to users on privacy!
Patrick S. ——Qtum CEO, SERO Investor

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