SERO Privacy — Use Cases

SERO Privacy — Use Cases and Business Partnerships

SERO is the world’s first privacy chain that permits DApp developers to create privacy-protecting cryptocurrencies that support smart contract and use the privacy-protecting currencies in the DApps. The anonymity is based on Zero Knowledge Proof.

Privacy protection is a strong demand for individuals and organizations in the real world. SERO supports Turings Complete Smart Contracts operations and various related privacy components which can support the expansion of different economic ecosystem. The issuing of the anonymous asset is no longer exclusive to a few that have extensive knowledge of cryptography. General system developers, with the business needs to issue anonymous cryptocurrency can issue their own anonymous tokens on the SERO chain and establish their own privacy ecosystem therefore, greatly expanding the application of the blockchain systems. Here are some typical use scenarios below.

A. Supply Chain System

The blockchain can solve the problem of upstream and downstream transaction vouchers and traceability of the supply chain system, simplify the management of supply chain central enterprises and providing corresponding solutions for financing of upstream and downstream enterprises. However, sensitive data such as prices and quantity of goods are facing the problem of leaking trade secrets when they are on the blockchain. With SERO system, the problem of exposure to trade secrets can be completely solved and at the same time the participating parties can enjoy the benefits brought by the application of blockchain system.

B. Medical Health

Digital privacy is in all aspects of the medical and health industry. From personal medical records to medical treatment records, the multi-role privacy protection and the authorization mechanisms require highly flexible and secure privacy protection capabilities including hospitals, patients, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, etc. The SERO system solves the privacy problems faced by patients and hospitals and also opens the way for insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies to be safely compliant and use relevant data with the permission of patients.

C. Online Auction

Online auction businesses pursue fairness, the privacy of bids is an important aspect and often difficult to obtain because of conflicting interests. SERO can provide a completely safe, independent and fair bidding environment.

D. Online Casino

The development of online casino industry has always been restricted by the centralization mechanism. The applications of Online casino often require a high degree of privacy protection for competitor’s strategy. In these huge cash flow applications, the decentralized smart contract systems that can provide multiple bids, payment and settlement is needed, and SERO system can fully support this kind of business.

E. Online Gaming

Large-scale online games often need token systems that are easy to circulate, trade and settle, and can be issued and circulate based on smart contracts, while providing privacy protection of transactions. SERO is the only technical solution that supports a multi-token system that issues and circulates homomorphic smart contracts, with added transaction privacy for the accounts.


There are more industries involved in asset digitization and privacy-sensitive digital assets such as insurance industry, commodities trading, futures trading, credit industry, digital asset trading (such as credit investigation and intellectual property rights, etc.) and so on. In these areas, SERO system has broad application prospects.