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    Super Zero Protocol (SERO) Smart Contracts Tutorial — Issue Anonymous Tokens

    We have already described [Super Zero Protocol (SERO) Smart Contracts Tutorial — Anonymous Tokens Issuance Principle] (https://wiki.sero.cash/en/index.html?file=Tutorial/principle-of-anonymous-token) in the previous article, now we are going to introduce how to issue your own anonymous tokens step by step.

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    SERO Privacy — Use Cases

    Privacy protection is a strong demand for individuals and organizations in the real world. SERO supports Turing Complete Smart Contracts operations and various related privacy components which can support the expansion of different economic ecosystem. Here are some typical use scenarios inside.

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    SERO VS Zcash : A comparative analysis

    With advancements in the cryptography and cryptocurrency space, the definition of “true privacy” has always changed with different projects coming in. This article covers a comparative analysis between two of the most strongest and solid privacy projects present in the current cryptocurrency space with both based on the privacy cryptographic technology, Zero Knowledge Proof.

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    Is SERO affected by Zero Knowledge Proofs Infinite Counterfeiting Vulnerability?

    In last few weeks we had received many queries regarding how SERO plans to fight the zero knowledge proofs infinite counterfeiting vulnerability and is it even affected at all. Although the SERO team did communicate with community members individually but with the recent happenings the team decided to publish an official article about the same.

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    Data Privacy Protection and Blockchain

    An article about data privacy protection using blockchain by SERO co-founder Jason Pope.

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    SERO — The Technological Innovation in the Blockchain Privacy Protection

    SERO system represents the world’s leading zero-knowledge proofs practice in blockchain privacy protection applications. Because of the unique and powerful technology system of SERO, SERO won the “Blockchain Technology Innovation Award 2018” at the recent 2018 Block China Summit (CHAIN-PLUS+). The following paragraphs will elaborate the outstanding features of SERO system in technical innovation.

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    Privacy Protection and Blockchain

    As the title suggests,this article will be focused on privacy protection and blockchain and how both of these are related.This article assumes some level of knowledge about blockchain principles but assumes little knowledge of data protection and privacy. So we’ll address the key information via bit topics and will cover the concepts from basic and forth.

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    Super Zero Protocol (SERO) Smart Contracts Anonymous Tokens Issuance Principle

    This article mainly explains the application of the Anonymous Token API provided by SERO in smart contracts, and briefly introduces the principle of the anonymous tokens at the beginning. If you want to compile and install SERO, please refer to [Step by step detailed technical manual for installing SERO (SUPER-ZK) Protocol on your local machine] , join us [SERO Developer Community], you can ask any questions related to SERO development in the community.