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    SERO Tokenomics and Circulation Statistics (as of 2019.4.30)

    Please check this important announcement for SERO Tokenomics.

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    SERO Mainnet Launch : GPU Mining and New Algorithm

    As per schedule, the first phase of SERO Mainnet will go live at the end of June and GPU mining will be introduced on 30th May. The network will be forked and new consensus algorithm will be implemented.

  • Tech
    Super Zero Protocol (SERO) Smart Contracts Tutorial — Issue Anonymous Tokens

    We have already described [Super Zero Protocol (SERO) Smart Contracts Tutorial — Anonymous Tokens Issuance Principle] (https://wiki.sero.cash/en/index.html?file=Tutorial/principle-of-anonymous-token) in the previous article, now we are going to introduce how to issue your own anonymous tokens step by step.

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    SERO Weekly Report【6th May-12th May】

    SERO Team issued Weekly Report【6th May-12th May】, please read details inside it.

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    SERO Privacy — Use Cases

    Privacy protection is a strong demand for individuals and organizations in the real world. SERO supports Turing Complete Smart Contracts operations and various related privacy components which can support the expansion of different economic ecosystem. Here are some typical use scenarios inside.

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    SERO Weekly Report【29th April-5th May】

    SERO Team issued Weekly Report【29th April-5th May】, please read details inside it.

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    SERO Weekly Report【19th-26th April】

    SERO Team issued Weekly Report【19th-26th April】, please read details inside it.

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    SERO Guild Reward Pool Adjustment Plan Announcement and SERO Association

    With the development of the project, we notified the community on 22th April, 2019 via announcement that we will make an important adjustment to the guild reward (5%) distribution system. This initiative has been highly concerned by the guild presidents, 24th April, 2019. At 10:30, under the auspices of the co-founders of SERO, extensive and profound discussions were held with the presidents of the SERO guilds. The SERO team places a high value on the opinions of community leaders and members.

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    SERO Meme Contest

    The winner of this competition will be rewarded with 1,000 SERO, please read the detailed rule and join the competition. Feel free to enjoy it!

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    Super Zero(SERO)Daling Rating:BB

    theProfessional Rating institute Daling issued rating report for SERO.