SERO Weekly Report【6th May-12th May】



1. Pos+ProgPow consensus research and development progress.

ProgPoW : The ProgPow GPU mining version has developed a beta version.

PoS: In the process of development.

2. Exchange Listing API

Further improvement based on the actual listing situation of the exchange.

3. Applications

The Flight Wallet API is further refined based on the needs of the ecological location.

4. Change the current Ethash PoW consensus to combat GPU private mining

The BetaNet test is coming to an end. In order to give the community a smooth transition time and to meet the PoW+PoS consensus, we urgently modify the SERO-ETHASH algorithm to resist the abnormal computing power generated by the recent sudden increase in GPU private mining.


SERO Flight mobile wallet officially listed in BeeStore and at 8 pm on May 7th, SERO CEO Robert and BeeStore CEO Song He conducted an AMA in the SERO WeChat community .

In addition to the SERO Flight mobile wallet already on the BeeStore, both parties live online. A number of collaborations that will take place at the ecological level in the future. The community responded enthusiastically during AMA. In addition to the live dialogue between both, the SERO project team also answered questions online to community members.


1. SERO Mainland Community “Wuyi Brain Cave” event has collected hundreds of works.

At present, community voting has been completed. The community will spontaneously organize the works collected in this event and will plan how to use these for consensus promotion.

2. There are currently more than 10 tokens known to use the SERO contract for anonymous currency issuance.

Thanks to the tutorials produced by the Pangu Association earlier, it has become very simple to use SERO to issue anonymous tokens and continue to fuel the development of the ecology. It is known that two game apps DAPP will soon be built on SERO.

3. As planned, the team will upgrade the consensus around the end of May, remove the license restrictions and completely open GPU mining. Some well-known mining pools have contacted the SERO official and sought post-cooperation.

4. In February 2019, the SERO team issued an anonymous currency for the test contract, a total of 1024 commemorative coins (the world’s first anonymous currency issued through smart contracts) was issued and the application of community members was opened for a limited time. The commemorative coin is currently present. The highest transaction price has exceeded 600CNY per coin.

It is indeed already planned to design the commemorative coin such that it plays a special role in the ecology.