SERO Weekly Report【29th April-5th May】



1. Development progress of PoS+ProgPoW Consensus

ProgPoW : We have developed CPU mining implementations for C++ and Go and have conducted preliminary tests. The GPU mining version is under development.

PoS : In the process of development.

2. Exchange listing API

Further improvement based on the actual listing requirements by the exchange.

3. Applications

The Flight Wallet API is further refined based on the needs of the ecological requirements.

4. Bug fixes

Our team found a bug that caused a gero crash due to an abnormal transaction and fixed it in time.


1. Chinese Community -SERO Creativity Award Collection Order. The activity continues, the community response is enthusiastic and the event participation is in full swing. At present, more than 30 poster designs and a large number of project materials have been collected to commemorate The design of coins and T-shirts also yields a lot of quality design.

2. It is reported that the development of two DAPPs by the community eco-partners is progressing smoothly and is expected to be officially released within May.

3. SERO has reached a strategic cooperation with BEESTORE, the world’s largest blockchain application store and will continue to cooperate in different aspects such as wallet-DAPP-payment. As the only privacy eco-chain in the world, BEESTORE will bring a large number of users will get to have first experience of privacy ecosystem applications. This cooperation has far-reaching significance for both parties.

4. A global payment platform called SilentPay has decided to use SERO to distribute its own digital currency system and will develop a dedicated wallet based on the SERO Flight wallet, which covers the business scenarios of hotel chains, online intellectual property, online entertainment. And the businesas of electronic digital products mall, covering more than millions of users.

5. Executive Secretary of the World Free Trade Area Association Yang Yongxin and his party visited SERO Shanghai Headquarters on 2019.5.6 . Secretary Yang said that he is deeply optimistic about SERO’s blockchain application in the field of privacy protection . In the future, the link will include bulk trade and cross-border payment. Industrial chain blockchain applications in the field of defense security through SERO solutions.